Grandstream Phone Provisioning (Not ATA's)

Provisionable Devices

  • GRP series phones are provisionable. BLFs are only available via SNAPbuilder, not legacy BLF assignment methods.
  • The enhancements for Grandstream phones made in v37 were designed to work with 1600, 1700, and 2100 series phones and were tested with firmware for the 2100 series.
  • DP Series can be provisioned for up to 5 handsets.

Provisioning URL

The following methods can be used to get the phones pointed to the Endpoints Module

  1. Log into the device's admin interface and navigate to Maintenance>Upgrade and Provisioning.
    1. Set the Config Upgrade via field to HTTP.
    2. Set the Config Server Path field to
    3. Click Save and Apply.
  2. Use DHCP option 160. *Use whole string for DHCP options* (
  3. Use GDMS Cloud Management -sign up here and watch the getting started video
  4. Use the GAPS redirection service- contact your distribution partner to get started.

Detailed manually entering provisioning string as in step one above.

1. Find IP for the Device

2. Then log into the webgui. The default user/pass is admin/admin

(DP752 default base password is on the back sticker below MAC address)


3. Once logged in go to the Maintenance tab and click Upgrade and Provisioning.

4. Make sure HTTP radio button is clicked

5.  Then put the Config Server Path to

6. Scroll down and press Save/Apply. Then click Provision at the top right of the page.

(DP752 provisioning button is in the page see screenshot below)



DP752 Provision button shown below.



GXV3370 Configure Via Network

  • Make sure to uncheck Use Grandstream GAPS
  • Config set to HTTP
  • Enter correct config server path


BLF and Directory

  • The Endpoints Module can provision BLF for GXP 1600, 1700, and 2100 series as well as the GRP series.
  • BLFs can be selected with the following options: 
    • first name
    • last name 
    • extension 
    • favorite contacts
    • directory designer
  • Sidecars and directories can only be provisioned with SNAPbuilder.
  • When overrides are used with BLFs; for example, park buttons, the BLFs will start after the overrides.


SNAPbuilder provisioning of Grandstream phones was added in v39.

  • GXP1600 series with minimum firmware
  • GXP1700 series
  • GXP2100 series
  • GRP series since v40.2 Endpoints

Note pagination of VPKs is not supported by phones that have MPKs (2130, 2160).